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What is UAE Free Zone Directory?

UAE Free Zone Directory is the first ever FREE one-stop-shop app for transparent, current and simple information related to business set up in the UAE.

All relevant information for company formation in UAE, including licensing, registration and other costs for setting up a business across Mainland, Free zones and offshore locations, are provided in a very intuitive and easy to use format.

No more wasteful back and forth between agencies, free zones or portals for the information you need. All the information you need for Company formation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman & Umm Al Quain is available in one simple interface.

UAE Free Zone Guide is comprehensive, easy to navigate, and completely free!

Why an app for business set up in the United Arab Emirates?

The Middle East is one of the most fertile grounds for many different types of businesses. With its strategic location that serves as a hub connecting the east and west, and its business friendly economic and trade policies, the Middle East and particularly the United Arab Emirates, presents unmatched opportunities whether it is to incubate, incorporate or expand a business.

Gulfstar gets inquiries every day from organizations and entrepreneurs across Europe, Africa, and the Levant, Gulf and APAC regions, about the right location, business structure or company setup costs in the UAE. This is our effort to provide them with accurate information in the simplest format.

Using this app, anybody in the world can access this information, completely free of cost, with a simple tap. You can carry this information wherever you go, retrieve what you need within the fraction of a second, without second guessing the source or authenticity at every step.

Who made this happen?

UAE Business Guide is brought to you by Gulfstar.

Gulfstar has assisted a variety of businesses set up companies across different locations in the UAE. The information in the app is both publicly available information and insights obtained by the Gulfstar team as part of their Company formation assignments.

The practice that is known today as Gulfstar, has a heritage of more than two decades. The team comprises of the best and the brightest of minds, trained at the best institutions around the world, having extensive experience of working with senior management across borders. The team has demonstrated expertise in the areas of In-corporations, Enterprise Risk Management, Financial Analyses, Feasibility Studies, Strategy, Financial Statement Audits, Human Resources Consulting, Compliance and Anti Money laundering.