RAK Offshore Company Formation
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RAK offshore company formation

RAK offshore is the first center in the Middle East that offers International Business Companies (IBC) registration. RAK offshore keeps customers’ safety and confidentiality as the top priority.

UAE in general and RAK in particular is a politically stable place with rapidly-developing economy.

Offshore companies incorporated in RAK are very flexible global instruments that can serve different objectives: trading, asset protection, tax planning, real estate holding, inheritance planning, trusts or funds.

Identity of RAK offshore companies’ shareholders is kept confidential by law.

Companies require minimum capital and just one director and shareholder, who can be the same person.

UAE has Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA’s) with several countries, nowadays more than 40.

  • What activities you are not allowed for offshore companies
  • Financial activities
  • Insurance and re-insurance
  • Any activity related to media
  • Any activity related to aviation
  • Any business with UAE “onshore” companies
  • Establishing a branch in the UAE
  1. Here are some examples of our clients’ offshore businesses
  2. International trading
  3. Brokerage
  4. Property holding
  5. On-line advertising
  6. Consultancies
  7. Ship registration
  8. Stock-market trading

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