Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultant

Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants, a full service law firm, was founded by Jouslin Khairallah in the year 2008 under the support granted by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for medium and small scale projects. The law firm enjoyed a steady growth with each passing year and has been recognized as a medium size full service law firm. Khairallah Advocates and Legal Consultants is affiliated with Dubai Courts, UAE Federal Court and Dubai Public Prosecution.

Our office conducts its work on sound understanding of laws by providing our clients with accurate legal advice and direct communication which keeps them reassured about our service. We research laws at highest standard to maintain high level of responsibility and pin point precision. Our firm provides clients with combination of many years of experience working within the legal field of the United Arab Emirates and other jurisdictions.

We further adopt an essential method by providing our clients with understandable interpretation of all legal matters, whether they are complex or not. At all times, we make our clients understand the legal procedures and issues surrounding their proceedings. As such, we offer our clients much needed comfort and reassurance that all cases handled and raised by us are in safe hands preserving our client’s best interest.

Khiarallah Advocates & Legal Consultants have a right of audience to appear before all Dubai Courts as well as all other Courts in the United Arab Emirates. If the law so requires, we also provide representation by specialized Lawyers in criminal proceeding against the prosecution.

Furthermore, we have global partners that can represent clients outside the United Arab Emirates for matters, including but not limited to the establishment of companies and issues involving international contracts.

Jouslin Khairallah is the Founder & Managing Director of Khairallah Advocates and Legal Consultants.

Being a profound litigator/advocate/advisor she represents large Middle East and Multinational Corporate Entities and Individuals in representing them in complex and high value corporate, commercial, criminal, maritime, banking, construction, real estate, insurance, family, employment, rent disputes and is licensed to appear before all courts in the UAE, including Federal Supreme Court, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC).

She assumes personal responsibility for handling all matters handled by the Firm cuts through complexities to give sharp and concise legal advice to clients. She has left an unforgettable impression as an established face of the Arab women entrepreneur in the region.

She is admired by clients and the legal fraternity for her ability to offer simplistic yet effective solutions to the most complex problems. Her approach towards the practice of law has gained innumerable victories in high value and complex legal matters.

She is an active member of International Chamber of Commerce, UAE National Committee for ICC, Dubai Chamber Of Commerce & Industry, Dubai International Arbitration Center, Legal Practitioners of DIFC Courts, Dubai Business Women Council, Amnesty International, Emirates Human Rights Association, Abu Dhabi Business Women Council, German & Emirate Business Council etc.

Jouslin Khairallah

Founder & Managing Director – Advocate