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Cheque Printing Software  Get your cheques printed with our software, instead of writing by hand!

This system helps you to prepare & print cheques instead of writing by hand. It converts Amount from numbers to words automatically and saves entered party name to use in future. Printed cheques put positive impression on your suppliers as well as banker. Simply select or type party name, type amount in numbers, tear cheque leaf & put into printer and have honor of printed cheques.

Cheque Printing

FastCheque is a Cheque Printing Software which can be used to print Cheques. It prints on any bank cheque leaves with ease. Various cheque formats of banks are pre-defined and stored in the system to print with precise alignment automatically.

Possitive Impression

Printed Cheques puts Positve impression on your Suppliers and banker when your cheques are presented to them, Printed Neat & Clean with no handwriting objection. Once you will start signing printed cheques, you will not like to issue handwritten cheques.

Avid Mistakes

Amount written in numbers & written in words might be different, But in this case, you will enter amount in numbers and software will convert into words automatically. Once you issue any cheque, the party name will be saved automatically for future use

Batch Cheque Printing

Bunch of PDC cheques for installment etc can take a lot of valuable time. With Our Cheque Printing Solution, Printing 100s of cheques will be few clicks. Type payee name, choose 1st cheque date, total cheques, interval by month/ days & click to prepare cheque list & print all.

Cheque Formats

FastCheque has an inbuilt cheque designer, which allows you to modify the design of the cheque leafs. A very user-friendly interface, where you can just click and drag the fields to specify the position where the payee name, amount, date etc. has to be printed. Its so simple, you can’t expect any thing easier.

PDC Reminder

FastCheque reminds you about PDC cheques which are about to appear in bank for clearance as per cheque date. Every time you start the software, it welcomes you with the PDC reminder list which helps you to plan your financial flow mor effectively.

Import Data & Print

You can import cheque data from an Excel File. By few clicks you can import hundreds of cheque records in FastCheque with speed and ease. Then Put bunch of Cheque leafs and Click Print to get all of the printed and have transaction details saved.

Cheque Reports

Yes you can track the cheque details using our intelligent reporting system. You can generate reports Date wise, Bank wise, Party wise. All reports are re-designable easily. You can put your Company Logo by yourself on reports.

Easy To Use

It just takes 10 Minutes to learn and start printing cheques with this system. The User interface is Polised with years of experience and feedback from 100s of existing customers. You will really love the user interface.