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Dubai International Academic City

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Dubai International Academic City

Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) was launched in April 2007 to cater to the needs of the region’s growing and diverse academic community. Home to numerous regional and international colleges and universities, it serves over 24,000 students from all around the world. With more than 400 undergraduate and post-graduate programmes currently offered to students, DIAC continues to expand and grow as per the needs of its robust and talented academic community.

Setting up at Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) is a seamless and simple process. Before you begin, click here to view the list of business segments and activities permitted in DKP.

To get started, kindly click on the category below that best describes your business.

Alternatively, a member of our setup team is always available to take you through the process. Contact our Business Development Team


With a multitude of retail outlets, Dubai International Academic City is a self-sufficient community offering it’s tenants and visitors food and beverage outlets, a driving institute, car rental facilities, a travel agency, a childcare nursery, beauty parlours, and a dental and medical clinic.


DIAC provides different land options to partners including education, mixed-use, student accommodation, retail and hotel plots. Plots are purposefully selected to match the needs for educational institutions, residential apartments, accommodation and dormitory facilities, shopping centers and super markets and Hotels.

Commercial floor space

Our built-up floor space can be used by entities which meet our licensing requirements.

Business Center

The DIAC Business Center offers a selection of products and services ranging from hot desk to fully furnished complete office environments.

Hot Desk – A Hot desk is a shared office desk that can be used by more than one client. A hot desk is perfect for Freelancers looking to have a space to complete office work such as email, browsing, printing and calling. Hot desk clients are eligible for one visa per freelancer.

Executive Desk – Executive Desks are furnished with one desk and chair, and a storage pedestal and cabinet with key. Each open office has a partition running from floor to shoulder height between desks to offer privacy, within a shared environment. Executive Desk clients are eligible for 2 visas per desk. Typical desk cabin size is approximately 100 sq.ft

Executive Office (Type 1) – An executive office is furnished with one executive desk and chair, visitor chairs, a storage cabinet and pedestal. Typical office sizes range from 100 to 250 sq ft.

Executive Office (Type 2) – The Executive Suite offers a full-fledged furnished office environment, within the Business Centre, which includes once executive table with chairs, visitors couch, a storage cabinet and pedestal. Typical desk cabin size is 281 sq.ft

Fitted Out Commercial Space – A Fitted out Commercial Space offers the upper end for a business environment. From open areas fitted with desks, chairs and table, to projectors and audio visual systems, we have something to offer you. All floors are fully carpeted and have false ceilings with full provisions for Internet, telephone, IT services and electricity.

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