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Abu Dhabi Ports Company

25/06/2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Ports Company

The Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC), established in March, 2006 by Emiri Decree No. (6), is a master developer of ports and industrial zones in Abu Dhabi. ADPC was formed as part of the restructuring of the commercial ports sector in the Emirate, and has the control over all commercial ports assets previously owned by the Abu Dhabi Seaports Authority (ADSA). Khalifa Port, opened in September 2012, is a major achievement of ADPC to date. ADPC plays a vital role in the economic growth in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

To be the preferred provider of world-class integrated ports and industrial zone services.

Enabling maritime trade businesses by effectively managing ports and integrated assets and services, promoting Abu Dhabi as a premier trade hub, creating long-lasting relationships with customers, and maximising shareholder value.

Private enterprises are highly valued in Abu Dhabi Emirate and fresh business ideas are positively encouraged. If you are thinking about setting up a company in the Emirate, this section gives you some essential information and useful tips on how to get started and outlines the key procedures for getting your new business licensed and registered.

To start a business, you need to have a business premises where your business will operate from. To learn more about the procedures and requirements to establish your business base in Abu Dhabi, select one of the options below.

  • Trading Activity Penalties Payment
  • Collect Industrial Land Rent
  • Lands
  • Accreditation of Land Allocation for Development Projects
  • Accreditation of Land Allocation for Mosques
  • Aerial Pictures
  • Aerial Pictures Data
  • Approved Planning Data
  • Approved Planning Maps
  • Commercial Property Allocation
  • Commercial Property Registration and Documentation
  • Allocated Public Utilities Property Registration
  • Foundation Maps
  • Foundation Maps Data
  • Foundations Inspection
  • Ground Control Point Coordinates
  • Industrial Land Allocation
  • Industrial Land Contracts Registration
  • Industrial Land Rental Agreement Registration
  • Industrial Lands Registration and Documentation
  • Allocated Industrial Lands Registration
  • Land Control Points
  • Lands Annexation
  • Mortgage Registration
  • Mortgage Release
  • NOC Certificate for Payment Display Machines and Parking Signage
  • No Objection Certificate for Transportation Impact Study
  • Parking Reservations for Entities
  • Pavement Utilisation Permit
  • Property Seizure, Restriction and Redemption Registration
  • Property Valuation Certificate
  • Property or House Concession
  • Real Estates Entire Selling and Purchasing
  • Request Land Site Relocation
  • Request Mortgage Source Alteration
  • Service Land Allocation
  • Permit for Soil Materials Loading from Approved Quarries
  • Specifying Increased Property Limits
  • Facility
  • Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad)
  • Abu Dhabi Environment Health and Safety Management System (AD EHSMS)
  • Masdar City Free Zone and Science & Technology Park
  • Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone
  • Abu Dhabi Building Codes
  • Allocation of Assigned and Non-assigned Communal Houses
  • Plans Additions or Modifications Approval for Buildings and Establishments
  • Temporary Plans Approval for Buildings and Establishments
  • Central Gas Systems Inspection
  • Safety and Protection Measures Compliance Certificate
  • Companies Digital Data
  • Complete or Partial Demolition
  • Decoration Licence
  • Detailed Plans Consultation
  • Development And Infrastructure Project Environmental No Objection Certificates
  • Executive Plans Approval for Buildings and Establishments
  • Existing Building Structural Plans Approval
  • General Plans Consultations and Studies
  • Industrial Plant Licence
  • Industrial Facilities Environmental Permits
  • Initial Plans Approval for Buildings and Establishments
  • Installation and Maintenance Conditions Approval
  • Investment Contract Registration
  • Investment Contract Termination
  • Land Division
  • Land Rental Contract Amendments
  • Permit for Usage of External Space in Cafes and Restaurants
  • Private Land Utilisation as Paid Public Parking
  • Rental Contract Partner Addition
  • Rental Contracts Registration
  • Documents or Plans Retrieval from Archives
  • Temporary Permit for Tent Inside Plot
  • Temporary Permit for Tent outside Plot
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dubai free zone companies